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Mortgage Companies in Raleigh fight for clients

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Mortgage Companies in Raleigh fight for clients – Wow, what a week for mortgage companies in Raleigh! It has been a real roller coster. Stocks up, stock up. Mortgage rates down, mortgage rates up. Is the country going to default on our debt obligatons, or is the congress going to agree on our debt strategy? Just as we thought the rates can’t get any lower – they did. And Mortgage Companies in Raleigh fight for clients. This past week we saw mortgage companies in Raleigh quoting some fantastic rates. Last week the 5 year fixed rate went down all the way to 2.625% with APR of about 2.85%. 30 year fixed hit a historic low of 4.25% APR 4.51%.

Mortgage companies in Raleigh fight for clients; we are busy refinancing loans into both fixed and ARMs products.

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