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A few design ideas for your Raleigh home - life after the mortgage...

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Here are a few ideas on how to add value to your Raleigh home through small remodeling projects.

1. Emphasize the Design
Architectural accents, such as crown molding in the living room, a chair rail in the dining room or wainscoting in the bathroom add appeal and value. Dress up a ceiling-mounted light fixture with a medallion or add molding to any room.

2. Add a Fireplace
A fireplace is one of the most desirable features for homeowners. It creates a focal point in the room and makes your house fell like home. Choose a surround that matches the design, colors and architecture of the room it is added to; classic wooden mantels are always is style. Painting the mantel black or espresso can create a more modern look and it can be easily repainted white for a more traditional look. Your Raleigh home will look great!

3. Install a Bay Window
Replacing a standard window to a bay window makes a room feel larger, creates a focal point, and lets in more natural light than traditional alternative. To bring attention to the new window and add function to the room, consider adding a built-in window seat with a bench that doubles up as storage. The seat will be a cozy reading spot for you and and an interesting architectural point of interest for future buyers.

4. Refinish or add hardwood floors

Refinishing scratched hardwood floors will change the look of the room in a big way and add value to your home. If the floors are heavily stained or damaged, replacement may be in order. Replacing carpet or tile in the kitchen or living room with a hardwood to continue the solid look throughout gives the space more open and unified look.

5. Install new lighting

Well placed lighting over the sink, under kitchen cabinets or over an island can make a huge difference in look and ambiance of room. Future buyers will appreciate updated, cozy and inviting lights throughout the house. This is one of the least expensive updates that will change the look of your home dramatically.

6. Update kitchen countertops

Updated kitchen countertops always make to the top list of home buyers and home owners. Granite is still the most requested material but it can be pricy. At $29 – $69 per square foot, it may be out of the price range for some. If granite is beyond your budget, consider laminate. It will give you the look of natural stone without the price tag. Beveled age will give the countertop even more natural stone look. If you are looking for urban and very modern look, consider cement countertops.

7. Install a second sink

Your morning routine will improve immensely just by adding a second sink. His and her vanity is one of the bets investments you can make, not just for yourself but for future buyers. Adding a second sink will typically involve some plumbing work and a new vanity or vanity top. If there’s room to install two separate sinks within 30 inches of each other, the two can share drainage and supply lines, which will decrease costs.

8. Add a deck or porch
Adding a new, spacious deck or improving your existing structure will give you a solid return on your investment. It will provide a great space to entertain, a cozy place to relax with your favorite beverage or a wonderful space to exercise your gardening or exterior design ideas. Front porches are back in business, especially if there’s room for a bench or a chair to welcome guests to the front of the home. If you plan to entertain there, make sure your porch has at least 12 X 24 feet of space.

One frequent question that we get is whether it is possible to obtain a Raleigh NC mortgage on a home improvement project. The best idea is still a home equity line of credit. If that is not possible or feasible, a mortgage such as cash out mortgage typically done through a refinancing may be an option.
In Raleigh NC a mortgage may be obtained up to 80% of the appraised value provided that the applicant for the potential cash out refinancing has excellent credit.

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